Coffee ESE PODs Bristot decaffeinated Decaffeinato 50 pieces

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coffee ese pody bristot decaffeinated 50 pieces
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Content: 50 x 7g grams

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Decaffeinated portioned ground, rich aroma and intense taste.

Decaffeinated coffee is coffee from which the caffeine has been removed, or its concentration reduced by about 97%. It is recommended instead of classic coffee together with melta or other decaffeinated coffee products for cardiac patients and people suffering from hypertension. It accounts for about 10% of the world's coffee consumption. Both classic ground coffee and instant coffee are available. One cup (240 ml) of decaffeinated coffee contains approximately 2 - 12 mg of caffeine, a cup of classic coffee approximately 100 mg or more. The production of decaffeinated coffee was patented by Ludwig Roselius in 1905.

The European process is the most common decaffeinated coffee production process. It consists in soaking unroasted coffee in water and washing it in methylene chloride after opening the green bean. It absorbs caffeine. Finally, the coffee is washed again in water and dried again. After this process, the coffee will remain aromatic and good tasting, with only slight hints of chemical flavor in the aftertaste.

The Swiss water process dispenses with the chemical reaction, but the resulting coffee is less aromatic and has a less pronounced taste. The coffee is completely brewed in hot water and steam, and the brew is filtered through activated carbon filters. After the caffeine is removed from the infusion, the coffee beans are soaked in it again and by absorbing it, they regain their aroma and taste. After drying, the coffee beans are roasted. The disadvantage of this process is that, in addition to caffeine, it also removes essential oils and aromas, leaving the coffee odorless and tasteless. Arabica is more suitable for this process than robusta.

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